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Learn to Drive - Pass Your Test - Go driving!

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At L-PASS-GO School of Motoring we have put together some unbeatable driving packages to give you great choices.

Tailor your needs to the package below. Of course, we can create a plan to fit any circumstances you may have. Getting your driving test passed and getting you on the road has never been so easy.

Intense driving packages

Individual Lessons

Driving lessons in and around Plymouth by a fully qualified ADI approved instructor.

No car sharing, ensuring you get maximum driver/instructor tuition in a comfortable, calm atmosphere. Each lesson lasts approximately 1 hour. We pick you up from home or work, give a full 1 hour period of instruction and drop you off on completion. If you can already drive, individual lessons help brush out the cobwebs and put that Test ready shine on your driving.  Also perfect for people who want to choose their hours, perhaps fitting in around busy personal lives.

PASS-PLUS advanced training package

£230/ per
10 hours

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Congratulations you have passed or already have your Full License. But there is still more to learn.

Countryside, dual carriageway, motorways, night driving, skid control, space awareness etc are all modules included in the Pass Plus course. These modules help you to learn the aspects of driving not able to be covered whilst holding your L-Plate provisional license. Why go out to the unknown on your own when you can gain the confidence to be a great driver in any condition!

Maximise your lesson / price ratio by purchasing our Intense driving packages. Can be ordered in 10 hour blocks which can be split into lessons as required.

These lessons are normally taken consecutively in 2 hour sessions or more (perhaps even Full days!). Considered by many to be the best way to learn!

Other options include but not limited to:

First 10 hours - £190

First 20 hours- £420

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